Sunday, December 30, 2007

the eve of the big eve

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and everyone will be having a party or pretending their having a party or going to a party.
As if there is something special about the night.
Well, there is still Dick Clark... sort of.
But I remember New Year's Eve 1999, when everyone was sure the world was going to come to an end or all the computers would stop working and our lives would come to a halt.
Some people had stockpiled food and water and money -- all ready to fend off the rest of the world .. and their neighbors... for months.
We all had to work that night at the paper, so if anything HAD happened, we wouldn't even have been with our loved ones.
Of course, nothing happened. It was a big letdown.
All of the hype, all of the buildup .. and nothing happened.
Hey, isn't that sort of what New Year's Eve is like every year?
Perhaps I'm just too jaded.

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