Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can't it just be over??

By now everyone -- unless they live under a rock in a cave in a forest that is galaxies far, far away -- know that Jon & Kate are no longer a couple. Hey, they haven't been an actual "couple" for a long time; we all know that.
Now it's official.
After they got yet another freebie for their kids on Monday ... the crooked houses that would have set them back about $20,000, if they actually would have had to pay for them ... they finally got down to what everyone had tuned in to see.
First, they were separating. Then came the somber graphic that stated that legal proceedings had begun to dissolve their marriage.
Anyone who ever glimpsed this show on an even semi-irregular basis had to see this coming.
Kate was always bossing and complaining; Jon took it and carried out her orders.
And chaos was everywhere.
Hadn't they thought about this after having twins, when Kate "talked Jon into" trying for "just one more"? Instead they got six.... and apparently a vision of dollar signs began to dance in their heads.
But please, TLC, please. Cut the cord now.
Don't air episodes showing these poor kids having to deal with their parents' divorce.
These kids have been on display basically their whole lives. They haven't ever lived a normal life.
And it is annoying that Jon and Kate have been whining about the press hounding them, when they asked for this.
But it's time for these kids to grieve in private.
Since Jon and Kate apparently didn't want to opt for any counseling, make it short and sweet.
And private.
Spare the kids, please.
Think about them at last.
They don't deserve this.
You've reaped the rewards, abundantly, for producing so many kids.
Now stop capitalizing on them and let them have some semblance of a life.
Are you listening, TLC?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hail of a trip...

Our Online Editor Chris Stanley posted this and another really cute photo on his blog in reference to that hail of a storm we had Monday afternoon.
I wish I had had a camera on my way home .... but my photo wouldn't be as cute.
How do you capture terror?
It was such a weird weather experience. First a little rain, then a downpour, then the heavens opened up with a vengeance and pelted the poor motorists, myself included, with hail.
I've never had quite that driving experience... and hope to never again.
So if you were trembling behind the wheel yesterday, know that I was, too.
Oh, and of course by the time I got close to home, there had been no precipitation of any kind...
Ah, luck.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

People are thick ... so was fog

The fog was thick this morning for quite a bit of my drive into work.
And far too many drivers were thick as well, especially the guy in the gray pickup truck coming across Route 113, near Harleysville.
It was about 6:30 this morning, and making out other vehicles at that point was a challenge.
So here comes Mr. Dimwit with, you guessed it, no lights on.
I flicked my highbeams at him, thinking perhaps he had just forgotten.
His "look" as he passed me as I was heading in the opposite direction let me know he had no intention of going to the trouble of flipping the light switch.
That, or perhaps his brain has no "on" switch.
I glanced in my rearview mirror, and, sure enough, still no lights on.
Anyone care to enlighten me on why it's so hard to follow the law?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear Old SAHS

Did you head out to the last open house at Souderton Area High School on Saturday? As a graduate, I decided to give the place a last look.
It has changed a lot in some areas since I was a student; and it some areas, I could walk right in and attempt to follow my schedule unimpeded.
It's a bit sad to think that the Grand Old Lady will be razed so some development or another can take its place.
But it's inevitable. She's showing her age in many areas.
But it's still hard to see her go.
I wish the event would have drawn even more people, though. I didn't see anyone from my class -- at least anyone I recognized. Memorabilia was sparse.
But at least the public was allowed back in for one last visit.
So if you missed your chance to pay your respects, sorry.
There won't be another chance...