Sunday, September 30, 2007

last of september

Sunday evening, a cool breeze blowing, the full moon just past... it's great to think that autumn might actually arrive some day.
I know, this week may see us climbing back up to 80 degrees, but in my mind it's going to stay fairly cool, no humidity, crisp and clear.
I love fall, but it is bittersweet. My dad's birthday is in September, but we lost him to cancer in 2000. My mom's birthday is in October, and she just died in April. So the months do bring back a sense of loss, but many happy memories as well.
The leaves are starting to change -- and starting to fall as well.
My cats are starting to snuggle more in the evening now that the cool weather is here.
I actually brought in my plants this weekend during that wonderful Saturday weather. I still am trying to keep some of my mom's Christmas cacti alive and figured this weekend was the perfect time to bring them in from the chillier evenings.
I don't have a green thumb at all, but I'm trying.
So happy October, everyone. A month of fresh apples, fantastic leaves and, of course, Halloween.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

share the road!

It wasn't bad enough that it was about 90 today, when it's supposed to be autumn and should be getting cooler.
But then it had to be Wednesday, the day that bicyclists in this area head out in packs -- literally -- on many of our back roads.
And the worst part is, they obviously think they own the roads.
I mean it.
Their riding habits are dangerous and illegal.
Forget about riding single file or even two abreast.
They cycle in packs, taking up the entire side of the road. They absolutely will NOT get over when traffic approaches. They continue to monopolize an entire lane of travel, riding four or five abreast.
Perhaps they haven't checked the state regulations for bicycle travel.
I've seen them go through red lights, ignore stops signs and never signal.
They'll glance around, see the LONG backup of cars behind them and still not obey the rules.
They are quick enough to scream, "Share the road!" at motorists, but never think of doing the same.
These people give all cyclists a bad name.
Not only can't I wait for colder weather, but even snow has its advantages. Most cyclists stay indoors.
Don't agree? Let me hear. But I'd love to know your rationalization for this behavior.
And I'd love to know why I never see police anywhere when these cyclists are out, defying the rules.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

first day of autumn

Finally, summer is officially ended. But, unfortunately, that doesn't mean that crisp, cool weather is here.
What is up with temps in the 80s this week? We've had PLENTY of that this past summer.
But I have to admit that today is beautiful... if only it were a bit cooler.
But the breeze is pleasant, the sky is so blue and, when you walk under our oak trees, you definitely can "smell" autumn in the air. The aroma is unmistakable.
One thing I don't enjoy these past few days is the tremendous effort on the part of stink bugs to sneak into the house... what is up with that? Any tiny crack and they're in.
I even had one fly in yesterday as I came through the door. Gross!
My cats can spot one from a mile away, so always immediately alert me to their presence.
Still, what was Mother Nature thinking?
Hope your autumn days are free of these nasty critters.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is it fall yet?

It's late Saturday and the day was just gorgeous... a real tease to the autumn still beyond our reach.
But is also was a day to give up some potted tomato plants that obviously had breathed their last and move a few plants to a more protected place on the deck.
Reports of temperatures dropping into the 40s were welcome to me, but the plants may have other comments.
It also was a day to enjoy the two fawns that frequent my fields ... but sadly, I wonder what happened to their mother.
There also are the cats that sometimes pay a visit to our backyard, looking for some food.
I already have way too many cats, so they can't become part of our household. But with cooler weather certainly approaching, I wonder where they make their permanent home.
I love autumn and can't wait for the drop in temperature.
But I also can't help but worry about the wildlife ... and not-quite-domestic ... creatures that are part of my world.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11

So many memories come back on Sept. 11. Working the morning at the news desk of The Reporter, and with a TV always tuned into CNN, I found myself staring at the TV in horror as the planes crashed in the Twin Towers. Another editor was there as well, and it was completely surreal to see this occurring.
The first plane just had us thinking that it must have been some small aircraft gone horribly awry. Then the unthinkable happened as the second plane crashed into the towers. Then the news of the others.
Now, six years later, we must not forget those who were killed in that tragedy.
But we also must move forward and not dwell on endless commemorations, either.
Small, dignified remembrances, of course.
Huge, never-ending ceremonies seem cruel, in a way.
Somehow the human spirit has survived this ... remembering the past, but forging ahead, as well.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

What a weekend

The North Penn/Indian Valley region certainly is blessed with a rich variety of community activities.
This past weekend, you could take in a down-home fire company parade in North Wales, watch or participate in the internationally known Univest Grand Prix, head to Lansdale for Bike Night and savor the multitude of motorcycles on display, head to Green Lane to drink in the Scottish-Irish influence, wing it down to Wings Field for the aircraft display.... wow, and that's simply scratching the surface.
With autumn on the way, many more community days will be held, Halloween events will be scared up, the Mardi Gras Parade will strut down Main Street, Lansdale, in November and other winter holiday programs will abound.
We are fortunate to live in such a diverse area.
Hope you are enjoying these riches!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

excuse me...

This is just a big thank you to the idiots who pulled out from Morwood Road onto Sumneytown Pike in Vernfield at shortly before 6:30 a.m. Wednesday -- cutting me off. You know who you are... you two super-intelligent guys in that white van with the ladder on top.
I'm driving along Sumneytown Pike, almost at Morwood Road, with my left-turn signal on. Big mistake. Just as I was ready to turn, they pull out in front of me.
I keep forgetting that when you're on a side road and someone is on the main road, you definitely have the right of way. I sure wish people would re-read the driver's manual about the laws in Pennsylvania. It's the same thing that happens all the time. I guess you just should NOT turn on your signal and simply turn.
Oh, wait; that's what most of the drivers around here do.
That... and go through red lights; and ignore stop signs; and refuse to turn on your lights when it's foggy or rainy or getting dark; and talk on cell phones while weaving all over the road; and...
Well, you get the idea.
And if you see yourself here, please clean up your act.
Or get off the road.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

And so it begins...

Tuesday meant back to school for most area students ... and back to work for the rest of us. It was interesting, while driving home, to see the kids out playing, looking a bit less carefree than they had just last week. Relief seemed to be on some faces, probably because they were finally released from the confines of the classroom. Others looked a bit preoccupied... pehaps they had already been given that first dose of homework.
Back-to-school time always was bittersweet. You were allowed that great shopping day, and everything seemed filled with promise as you packed up your pens, pencils, notebooks and the like. Maybe some new shoes -- you know, the "sensible" pair for school and, if you were lucky, perhaps some sneaks. I used to hate having to wear saddle shoes in elementary school; was elated when I was finally allowed to have loafers.
Geez, that really dates me, I suppose.
But with school back in session, let's all remember that the kids will be out there walking to school, waiting for buses, playing in the evening as darkness falls ever earlier.
We all need to be more careful ... and that includes the kids.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

Sitting here for a few moments at home, at my computer. There is enough of a breeze that the wind chimes are sounding out a late-summer melody. The aroma of recently cut grass still tickles the nose. Last night it was cool enough to sit out at our fire pit and muse a bit about the summer gone by.
There are bits of summer that are hard to say goodbye to, but for the most part, autumn can't come soon enough. It's my favorite time of year; just wish it would last longer.
If I had my way, fall would start Sept. 1. Daytime temps could not exceed 70, the leaves would change color and stay that way until the end of October, and November would be colder, but no snow until well into December.
Unfortunately, I can't control the seasons... but I can dream, can't I?
Tomorrow when we head back to work those big yellow buses will be lumbering down the roadways in force, conveying the captive kids who no doubt are wondering where the heck their summer vanished.
Season gives way to season... they're already starting to put not only Halloween stuff but also Christmas items out in the store.
Please let's not rush it.
Time goes too fast as it is...