Thursday, August 28, 2008

Song sung ... um... blue?

I'm always a bit torn when a singer or group that I loved years and years ago decides to tour again.
That's how I felt when Neil Diamond announced his latest tour. I saw him a few times back in the ... well... a decade in the last century (geez, how old am I?) and I considered getting a ticket when he was in Philly.
The price of the ticket was the first red flag. Sorry, Neil, but it was too much.
And then I kept thinking how he probably could not live up to my memories of the earlier concerts.
Guess I made the right decision, after reading this story.
Perhaps you have some similar stories to tell...
Singer Neil Diamond has offered the audience of a recent concert a refund after performing with a raspy voice.
Diamond, 67, was diagnosed with acute laryngitis after the show in Ohio, Cleveland, on Monday.
The Sweet Caroline singer released a statement on his website apologising to fans, writing: "I haven't let you down before and I wont let you down now."
Fans have until 5 September to seek a refund. Diamond has also cancelled gigs in Wisconsin and Missouri this week.
Wednesday's performance in Wisconsin was rescheduled for Sept. 12, while the Missouri gig will now take place on Sept. 10, Diamond's web site also stated.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


A few weeks ago, the world was abuzz over a cat — a very LARGE cat — that had been found strolling the streets in New Jersey.
This porker, which originally was thought to be a girl and was called Princess Chunk but, blush, then was ID’d as a male, weighed in at about 44 pounds.
That’s a lot of cat.
As the story unfolded and the cat grabbed headlines and TV time far and wide — including an appearance on “Regis & Kelly” — everyone became enamored with her ... er, his ... tale.
Yes, everyone wanted this feline. In fact, the Camden County Animal Shelter fielded more than 500 applications from people around the world who wanted to open their doors to this kitty.
They apparently felt so bad that the cat — whose owner had fallen on hard times and lost her home to foreclosure and could no longer care for Chunk — had no place to call his own that they had to do something.
Naturally, being a cat person, I was glad to hear that a family had been found for Chunk.
And it also was interesting to catch a news story that detailed where Chunk was making an appearance to drum up attention for other homeless cats that needed to be adopted.
Good for him.
Because that’s where this story gives me pause.
At this shelter alone, the staffers pointed out, no one who inquired about Chunk was interested in any of the other more than 200 cats and kittens there. And it had to euthanize about 1,000 cats last year, about a third of those taken in.
That’s just one shelter.
It’s great that Chunk caught the limelight and found a home, but just ask the Montgomery County SPCA, the Kitty Cottage, Stray Cat Blues or any of the many other rescue groups around here and they’ll tell you the same thing.
They are bursting at the seams. They can’t save everyone. They do so much good, but there’s so much more to do.
These kitties may not be famous, but they deserve a forever home.
Here’s just one example, which has been running in our Classified Section, from Stray Cat Blues with a heart-tugging photo:
“Charity was removed from a disreputable hoarder/rescuer where she was physically and emotionally neglected. When she came to SCB, she was thin and underweight, dehydrated and had respiratory and eye infections. Due to lack of proper veterinary care when she had an eye infection, her eyes were ulcerated and the skin started growing onto her eyes to protect them from the ulcers.
“She must be an indoor only kitty. In spite of her tough beginnings as well as being caged since kittenhood, this girl is really amazing. She was named Charity because Charity = Love. This young lady loves everyone. She loves people and gets along well with other cats. She will make a wonderful addition to any type of household.”
Unfortunately for Charity and so many like her, hundreds of people don’t clamor to adopt her.
Think about it.
Maybe you have room in your house for a homeless critter. Perhaps you can make a donation to one of these rescue groups. Or perhaps you can volunteer in some capacity.
But don’t forget when you hear a story like Chunk’s, that there are thousands more cats and dogs and other pets who will never make the news that desperately need homes.
Perhaps you won’t have a “celebrity” added to your home, but you’ll have a loving new member of your family who forever will be grateful for a second chance at life.


I thought I'd run a picture of a stop sign today, because many of you don't seem to be familiar with them.
You know, they are those big red-and-white signs that often pop up at the most annoying locations, such as busy intersections.
And they are such a hassle when you're in a hurry.
But since, in my experience, so few people know what these signs mean, I thought I'd provide some educational material.
These signs that you blow right past every day of the week have a purpose.
They are there to ensure motorists' and pedestrians' and bicyclists' safety.
They are telling you -- not asking, not suggesting -- but ordering you to STOP.
Put on the brakes of your car. Come to a complete halt. Check every direction for other traffic or people in the area.
When it is deemed safe, you may proceed on your way.
Oh, what's the use.
Obviously you all are illiterate, color blind, self-absorbed and just plain stupid.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama, McCain rockin' out??

OK, Blender recently surveyed presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama to see how their musical tastes seem to run. Just what DO they have on their iPods? After all, what better way to choose the next president?
Heck, it's as good a way as any.
But my question is, since John McCain doesn't even know how to work a computer, much less the "Internets," would he really have a clue as to what an iPod is? Perhaps better to ask what's on his victrola.
Be that as it may, here are their top 10 iPod lists, and I'll let you pick the winner.
For my own two cents worth, I think Obama is trying a bit too hard to be hip; McCain, on the other hand, seems about right on.

And if you want to submit your own personal top 10 lists, be my guest...

John McCain:
1. Dancing Queen - ABBA
2. Blue Bayou - Roy Orbison
3. Take a Chance On Me - ABBA
4. If We Make It Through December - Merle Haggard
5. As Time Goes By - Dooley Wilson
6. Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
7. What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
8. I've Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra
9. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - The Platters

Barack Obama:
1. Ready or Not - Fugees
2. What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
3. I'm On Fire - Bruce Spingsteen
4. Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones
5. Sinnerman - Nina Simone
6. Touch the Sky - Kanye West
7. You'd Be So Easy to Love - Frank Sinatra
8. Think - Aretha Franklin
9. City of Blinding Lights - U2
10. Yes We Can -

Monday, August 18, 2008

Philadelphia Folk Fest... or, sounds of silence

I don't watch much, if any, "reality" TV, but I catch glimpses of it on one of my favorite shows, "The Soup," which features and derides clips from all sorts of shows. One clip they've shown a lot is from some reality show... and of course that term has nothing to do with reality ... where a woman who is peeved at her other housemates is up early in the morning banging pans together and screaming at them.
Apparently they kept her up the night before, and this is her revenge.
I was contemplating doing the same thing both Sunday and Monday morning, thanks to the Philadelphia Folk Festival.
And I'm wondering, should I blame the little fella pictured here?
Just kidding on that, but not about the drums he's playing.
The actual music performed at the folk fest DOES have an ending hour, regulated by the township.
But it's time to crack down on whatever the heck is going on there after hours.
Living close to the site has it ups and downs: The volunteers directing traffic act like they're actual police and that you, a dreaded "local," have no idea where you are going -- or a right to go there -- if you're anywhere near the festival.
And some of the fest-goers may act like they own the area for several days, but in reality have no clue where they are. Hint: one-lane bridge means just that.
They don't seem to mind shopping at local stores, though, despite what some of their attire says about the "locals."
Anyway, it's pleasant to sit out in the evening and listen to the music.
What is NOT pleasant is the night-long drum playing, screaming, hootin' and hollering', random trumpet-like blasts and general disturbances that just never stop.
For example, when I finally gave up and got out of bed at 4:15 this morning, the drumming was still going on.
I don't mind, really, anything else, but being a loud nuisance all night long shows absolutely no respect for anyone who lives in the area and actually has to get up and go to work.
Upper Salford needs to address this; the folk festival organizers need to address this.
Fun, music, dancing, catching up with old friends ... nothing wrong with any of it.
But how about giving us a break by, say, 1 a.m.?
Doesn't seem like too much to ask for.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

cats and lasers!

I always knew our cats... all of them! .. love the lasers... didn't know dogs did too!!
Hope you love this as much as I did!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

puppy mill horrors

For those of you who still think there are no problems with puppy mills, perhaps this story from The Associated Press might change your mind.
And are there any suggestions as to what these monsters' punishment REALLY should be???
Think about it....


Two eastern Pennsylvania kennel operators shot 80 dogs after wardens ordered some of the animals examined by veterinarians, dog law enforcement officials said.
Elmer Zimmerman, of Kutztown, shot 70 dogs after a July 24 inspection, officials of the state Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement said.
His brother, Ammon Zimmerman, operator of a kennel next door, shot 10 dogs, officials said.
Wardens had ordered 39 dogs checked for flea and fly bites. They also issued citations for extreme heat, insufficient bedding and floors dogs' feet could fall through.
Elmer Zimmerman told The Philadelphia Inquirer he feared the state was trying to close his kennel, and said a veterinarian recommended destroying the dogs.
"They were old, and we were hearing that they don't want kennels anymore," he said. "The best thing to do was get rid of them."
Ammon Zimmerman told a reporter the decision to destroy the dogs was "none of your business."
State law allows owners to put dogs down by shooting them, though Gov. Ed Rendell is trying to change that. He backs legislation pending in the state Legislature that would only allow veterinarians to euthanize dogs in commercial kennels.
"It's horrible, but it's legal," Jessie Smith, special deputy secretary of the dog-law bureau, said of the shootings.
"That someone would shoot 70 dogs rather than spend money to do a vet check is extremely problematic," Smith said.
Ken Brandt, lobbyist for the Pennsylvania Professional Dog Breeders' Association, said the group didn't support the operators' actions. He said there were other ways to resolve the situation, "like in a court."
The breeders could have turned the dogs over to rescue groups, said Howard Nelson, chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
"Every humane society in the state would have taken those dogs," Nelson said.
The two men surrendered their kennel licenses. Elmer Zimmerman pleaded guilty to four charges of violating the dog law, Smith said.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

OK, I'm sure everyone has seen this by now, but just on the off chance that you haven't, well here it is to enjoy.
I know someone had to write this for her, but....


I guess I should never be surprised when yet another politician or public official admits to an "indiscretion." And yet I have to admit that the recent admission by John Edwards left me surprised and saddened.
Somehow, I wanted to believe it when he had said last year when confronted with the accusations that "I’ve been in love with the same woman for 30-plus years and, as anybody who’s been around us knows, she’s an extraordinary human being, warm, loving, beautiful, sexy and as good a person as I have ever known. So the story’s just false.”
But no. The too-good-to-be-true intelligent, handsome, powerful family man certainly did have feet of clay.
As he revealed last week: “In 2006, I made a serious error in judgment and conducted myself in a way that was disloyal to my family and to my core beliefs. I was and am ashamed of my conduct and choices, and I had hoped that it would never become public.”
No kidding he hoped it would never become public. He had high political aspirations, obviously.
Never mind that his wife is again battling cancer. Never mind that a lot of people believed in him and saw him as someone who would stand true to his supposed beliefs.
Which leads me to ask, what DOES he believe in?
Most say his political career is now over. Who knows... the public has "forgiven" so many politicians for their "mistakes."
I feel very sorry for his wife and family. They now have to deal with this hurt and betrayal on top of everything else.
I guess the search for a trustworthy politician continues.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Wow! I don't know how many of you were lucky enough to catch a true American icon this past week at the Sellersville Theater, but it was an absolutely mind-blowing experience! And I hope you all actually KNOW who Pete Seeger is. Too often I mention these wonderful singer/songwriters -- Pete, Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, etc. -- and am met with a blank stare.
But Pete played to a sold-out theater and he and his cohorts were terrific.
Thank you, Sellersville Theater, for this wonderful chance to see Pete.
And for those of you who missed out, my condolences,