Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2007... I sit here as another Dec. 24th wanes and think back to the many Christmas Eves I have seen.
WAY back when, my three sisters and I could hardly contain ourselves on Christmas Eve; we giggled and whispered and wondered what Santa would bring.
As the years passed, the wonder faded a bit, but family Christmases were just as important.
In our first years of marriage, my husband and I would head to church on Christmas Eve, spend the evening just the two of us, and often head to my parents' house on Christmas morning.
More years passed and then we were three -- and our daughter brought back that innocent wonder once again. Oh, and the Christmas Eves of putting toys together and wrapping last-minute presents, as we raced against the clock.
More years flew by, our daughter married and it was just the two of us again.
Now, in 2007, it is just the two of us once more, but this time my daughter and I are the "two."
My husband passed away nearly four years ago; my father, nearly eight. My mother died this year; my daughter is no longer married.
But still it is Christmas, and new traditions are created and old ones observed.
So many memories; some sadness, but happiness nonetheless.
May all your memories be happy ones.
Merry Christmas.

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