Monday, December 10, 2007

days gone by

I got a call from my college roommate Friday evening. She lives in Nevada now, and before that lived in California. And before that lived in Mass. So over the "few" years since our days at Shippensburg, we haven't been able to see each other that often. But boy, we sure can still talk.
And every time we chat, we remember some of those good, goofy times when all we had to worry about was going to class. And passing the tests. And our dorm housemother. And the endless papers... when, you get the idea. But there also was so much fun. And the holidays were always part of that.
Everyone always decorated their dorm rooms, the doors, the halls -- you name it. And going around to see the other dorms was always part of the fun.
Of course, one of the "sweetest" memories was when the guys from our brother dorm came over to sing Christmas carols one night, standing out in the snow and the cold. Naturally we all were appreciating all of this from our open windows -- and it was really a fun experience.
Until our sweet housemother got on the PA system and demanded it all come to an end.
We were not to "hang out of the windows, and make this dorm into a brothel!"
I'm not kidding... that's what she told us. At least part of the "housemother" description was accurate.
But I won't go there -- it IS the holiday season.
And, I suppose in the end, she helped make that occasion unforgettable.
It would be great to be able to go back to that time, if even just for a few days, and recapture some of the fun that was part of holiday college fun ... and to be young again with all my friends and to have "only" the worries we did then.
Older and wiser? Perhaps.
And still lucky enough to have friends from those days to remember some of those special times.
I hope you do, too.

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