Monday, December 24, 2007

another thing...

There is one thing about the holidays that has really been bothering me. I noticed it several times leading up to Christmas, when stores had special "men's nights" to cater to men who were "so overwhelmed" at the thought of Christmas shopping.
The stores were open only to the men, they gave them food and libations, some offered neck massages and various other goodies.
All because "men are so busy and can find shopping so confusing."
Give me a break. I know there are men who truly do help out at the holidays, but I hear many more tales of women who buy, address and sign the cards; do all the shopping and cooking for the holiday meal; do all the cleaning and special laundry; basically do all the decorating (perhaps a man will put up the tree or even put the lights on it); and wrap all the presents except for their own, plus mail those that have to go a distance.
Yes, in far too many cases, the women still are doing just about everything to make the holidays special.
And then the men get special treatment to lure them into stores?
What's wrong with this picture?
Santa, it's time to bring more equity into this equation.

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