Sunday, July 15, 2012

We all scream for...

Hope everyone enjoyed National Ice Cream Day -- I know I did.
The Energy Station in Vernfield has delicious offerings ... this was a hot fudge sundae with black raspberry ice cream. YES!

I don't often indulge, but hey, sometimes you have to take one for the team.
What excuse can I think of next?
Perhaps Ben and Jerry's can suggest something?

Take time to smell the flowers...

OK, I am not a huge fan of summer, as everyone knows.
And this summer has been so hot, humid and lacking in rain, it's enough to make even the most avid summer fan a bit weary, I'm sure.
My yard is dried up, cracked open and crunches when you walk on it .... at least I don't have to mow.
But the flowers that we planted -- and water every day -- are having a rough go of it. Even one of my forsythia bushes looks ready to throw in the towel.
And the tomato plants? Don't ask,
But there still is beauty to be found.

You can sit and watch the butterflies that touch down lightly on the flowers and even drink from the birdbath.
You can listen to the cicadas sing their summer song.
When we're lucky, there's a lovely breeze in the evenings.
And right now some of my favorite flowers are in bloom -- Queen Anne's Lace and cornflowers.
Some may consider them weeds, but I think they are beautiful. And they seem to stand up the elements fairly well.

I snapped these photos today of the beauties that just come up wild along my lane. I consider them a special summer gift. And they make it a little easier to tolerate these long, hot days.