Wednesday, December 19, 2007

bad drivers!

I had the day off today... from work... in order to take care of some medical appointments. so that meant, of course, driving around the area.
And, of course, that meant once again taking my life into my hands.
I counted no fewer than four different drivers at four different lights who just barreled through lights that were dead red.
No just turning red; not yellow.
Full red.
One of these offenders was a tractor-trailer.
I was thankful that the drivers who were first in line for the green lights didn't make the mistake of trusting the light and starting through. Otherwise, there would have been a few families whose holidays would have been marred, possibly fatally, by accidents caused by these idiots.
What is wrong with drivers in this area?
Yes, accidents happen.
But these incidents were pure arrogance.


Anonymous said...

i lived in lansdale for 20 years, recently moved to Naples, Italy. if you think driving in lansdale is dangerous, come here for a visit, stop signs,red lights and speed limits are simply a SUGGESTION!! A three lane high quickly becomes five lanes- and the mopeds- forget it! aside from the driving it is a beautiful country!
- your local home town Navy Sailor

shera said...

I can't stand people who drive in the turning lane because the line in the straight lane is to long.
They wait till the last minute, then try to cut in and give you the hand signal!
There's a guy, every afternoon coming from Horsham, who, on Norristown Rd, at Springhouse stays in the turning lane until the light at Bethelem Pk.
Then he cuts off whoever is there to go straight, he's almost clipped us numerous times. He also wears a hat, like a Policeman, but I think it's more like security guard. Little silver car, turns left on 202.
I carry a pen and paper now, to get his plate# to report it