Sunday, December 23, 2007

it's almost time

Dec. 23... Festivus for some. The day before the day before for many others of us.
Baking those last cookies, wrapping presents, bustling around doing some cleaning, and, finally, sitting down to watch "White Christmas" with my daughter -- one of our yearly traditions.
Yes, it's a sappy musical, but I can't help but love it.
For one thing, much of it takes place in Vermont. Yes, I know it doesn't REALLY take place in Vermont, but I can pretend.
And it's a tale where everything works out in the end; everyone ends up in love; everyone ends up happy.
How many movies like that do they make today?
So, we watch it, repeat a lot of the dialog, sing with some of the songs ... and note the bad editing at places.
In short, we love it.
Year in, year out.
It's one of those Christmas movies that's a must every year... just like "The Ref."
Talk about a world of difference in movies!
But each has their place.
Enjoy as we reach those final hours before Christmas Day!

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