Sunday, December 9, 2007

the blues

Does everyone get the blues around the holidays? It seems that way, based on a lot of people I've talked with lately.
I'm no exception, I admit. This is my first Christmas since my mother died in April. My dad died almost eight years ago; my husband died almost four years ago, and sometimes it just seems a bit too much to deal with.
Thank goodness for my daughter, the rest of my family and my friends.
Still, when I hear "I'll be home for Christmas" or some of the others that were favorites of my late loved ones, the tears come.
Gee, what an upbeat post for this December Sunday evening.
And I shouldn't be so gloomy. My decorations are up, my cards are sent, most of my gifts are purchased. There aren't many to buy for immediate family, but I've found that it's fun and fulfilling to participate in "angel trees" and similar projects.
So it's time to snap out of it, I suppose.
Loved ones no longer with us will never be forgotten; they'll always be missed.
But I want to honor their memories with love and happiness, not gloom and doom.
Hope I'm successful.

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