Tuesday, January 1, 2008


It's officially 2008. It doesn't feel any different yet, but that's par for me.
But I want to wish everyone a blessed 2008.
Every year, for the past several years, I keep saying, "Maybe this one will be different. Maybe this one will be better."
It's all relative, to be sure. But hope springs eternal. I firmly believe that.
So, I wish all of you a wonderful 2008, filled with hope.
And I hope all of you will continue to visit our Web site, and especially look at our multimedia archives from the past year.
No, this is not an advertisement. It just may make you feel good to remember what has been captured as snapshots from our area.
If nothing else, check out the Thanksgiving element again. Remember why so many of us have reason to give thanks.
And pray that the new year will give us even more reasons to rejoice.
Life is bittersweet. But take heart in the sweet; even the bitter can make us stronger.
Happy New Year.

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