Thursday, December 27, 2007


So the year is waning and many people are thinking about their New Year resolutions.
I've never been very good at making, or keeping, them, so most years I figure, why bother?
I do, however, always admire those people who make resolutions and actually work hard to achieve their various goals.
There are those who diligently diet and exercise; others who finally quit smoking; or perhaps they head back to college or change careers.
There are so many areas where I could resolve to change my life that it's hard to pick just one.
But I'm trying to narrow it down before New Year's Day. Perhaps it won't be so much a formal resolution, as simply a resolve to begin to make a difference in at least one area.
Like I said, there are many from which to choose.
I wonder if others are having the same dilemma?

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