Thursday, March 25, 2010

cross alaska off your list

Well, I won't be planning to "visit" Alaska anytime soon.
Thanks a lot, TLC.
Yes, the cable network has provided an outlet to the ever-lovely Sarah Palin -- you know, the one who couldn't hack completing her term as governor.
She'll be hosting a travelogue series about Alaska, with filming set to begin this summer.
At least it will be only an eight-part series, so it won't be too hard to avoid.

Pity that she is hosting, because Alaska could be a lovely state to be featured.
But looking at Alaska's fantastic features through her eyes --- no, no, no!
If only she could be edited from the series.
This stint should help keep her in style for a while -- supposedly TLC is paying $1 million an episode.
Golly, gee, wow...

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