Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Speak out, it's 2017

There are no words.
The nasty person pretending to be our next president -- he will NEVER be mine -- is already sending chills down spines, in a bad way. 
He's already tweeting not-so-veiled nuclear war threats.
The Republicans are already doing away with any outside checks on their activities.
Who knows what will happen.
I wish I could be looking ahead with hope.
I try, but it's more than difficult.
I feel like Farcus looks in this photo -- wide-eyed and questioning.
How the heck did we get here?
How long will we survive?
Hang on, everyone.
Speak out.
Contact our elected officials.
Everyone needs to be a "nasty woman" for the foreseeable future.
Good luck, everyone.

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