Thursday, January 5, 2017

Farm Show time!!

January may be known as the start of the new year -- and a time for making resolutions -- but for me it means PENNSYLVANIA FARM SHOW time!!
This year's Farm Show opens Saturday and runs until Jan. 14 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

This year's huge butter sculpture was revealed today, and here is a shot that was provided by the Farm Show. It's very different from sculptures I've seen in past years, so I'm withholding judgment on it for now. I'm used to seeing huge sculpted animals and people, so this is quite the change.

This was part of last year's butter sculpture at the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show. Yes, just a part of the sculpture. It truly was amazing!

I love the Farm Show, and it was great to be part of last year's 100th celebration by entering some photos -- and winning best of show! My daughter also won several honorable mentions! 

But the true fun is just seeing all the different exhibits and sampling the wonderful  food from Pennsylvania producers. 

I adore the tractor square-dancing event, and am so glad that PCN covers the Farm Show from start to finish each year. That way I can see this event and snap some photos on the TV. 

PCN is a fabulous resource if you can't get to Harrisburg to see the show. And in February, PCN covers Groundhog Day live from Punxsutawney.

But I digress... I hope to get to the Farm Show again this year. I didn't enter anything because of a few different reasons, but maybe next year. 

This year would just be a year to nosh a bit, walk a lot and soak it all in.

So here's hoping. And I hope you'll get to enjoy the show -- either in person or by tuning in to PCN! And if you get to the show and are tweeting, @PAAgriculture asks that you use the hashtag #PAFS17 -- will do!

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