Thursday, January 19, 2017

Godspeed, Argyle...

Another sad week. We had to say goodbye to our beloved cat, Argyle, on Wednesday.
Ever since the end of November, I could see a change in this regal guy.
He had started to lose weight and just didn't seem himself. 

With the Christmas tree in place, he took to spending most of his time under it.
At first I thought perhaps he was still mourning the loss of his "brother," Archibald, who had lost his battle with a long illness on Nov. 1.

 He and Archi had shown up at our door on the snowy morning of Nov. 2, 2002. Argyle was about five months old, Archi about two months. So they had been with us, and together, for most of their lives.

But tests showed something more was amiss than mourning.

Different medicines were tried, tests run, X-rays taken. But the decline continued.

 On Wednesday morning it was obvious his battle had more than taken its toll.  The veterinarian helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge and again our hearts were broken.

Argyle always  had a manner about him that made me think he should be sporting a smoking jacket, with a glass of bourbon within reach...


 Siblings can be a pain!

 Argyle and Archibald ... they had both hit their 14th birthdays in 2016. Who knew they would leave this world to meet in the next so close to each other...

I always loved his striking orange markings. It's one reason he was given the name Argyle, because of his awesome appearance.

 Argyle is on the left, with Domino in the middle and Marmi on the right. 

  Argyle on the right, Grim on the left. Cute pair!

 Recent photos of this great guy...

Argyle under the Christmas tree, just a month ago...

Miss you, Argyle. Hope you and Archi are curled up together, reunited again.

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