Thursday, January 12, 2017

101st Pa. Farm Show!

We were able to head out to Harrisburg on Wednesday to take in the 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show.
It runs through Saturday, although I can't really recommend going on the last day.
I don't like how some things have changed, including not having all of the animals there for the entire week. When we were there on Wednesday, for instance, the sheep, pigs and goats were already gone, as were the poultry, beef cattle and all but a few of the draft horses.
We did get to see the dairy cows this year, but there were lots of empty barns and by Saturday -- based on what we experienced last year when we went out to pick up our photo entries -- there is even less to see.
So just be advised.
It's still a great show and the food is outstanding.
Here are a few photos from Wednesday's outing.

Just a glance at the great food offerings...

This year's butter sculpture. Impressive, but I much prefer previous years' that featured multiple large figures...

 Chicks hatching! 

 Duck slide!

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