Friday, January 20, 2017

Sad day for America

Sad day.

A day that so many of us cannot believe could ever come.

But come it did and now we must hold the new administration accountable.
We must not be quiet.
We must not let hate win.
We must work together to ensure our country survives.

I look forward to one day having a president that I can acknowledge as being my president...

I cannot do that for a misogynistic narcissist so filled with hate, bigotry and mockery.

I cannot do that for a person who has no idea what it means to serve others with love and humility.

For now, I will do my best to work for change.

I love my country. But this person now in "power" is not my president.

Thank you, President Obama, for your service. I am sorry the next person in the White House is such an embarrassment. You deserve to have your legacy upheld, not destroyed by a tiny-minded man with a huge and dangerous ego.

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