Tuesday, July 29, 2008


With the price of gasoline being what it is, I can understand that more people are looking for alternatives to driving gas-guzzling vehicles. And most people will attest that there has been an increase in motorcycle traffic.
That's fine, presuming the cyclists are willing to follow the rules of the road.
But this morning I encountered a biker who gives other bikers a bad name.
And creates safety problems, especially when traffic is heavy.
This joker first nearly created an accident at Old Skippack and Schwenksville roads in Upper Salford when he practically went through a stop sign without stopping. Then he pulled out onto Route 63 from Shelly Road in front of a fast-moving line of traffic.
But his best move before I lost sight of him?
He went through a dead red at Routes 63 and 113, making a left onto Route 113. I'm not talking about a yellow light or just as the light changed. No, he figured the red light didn't mean him.
Luckily he was the only moron at the light at that particular time.
But come on, people. There are signs all over the place asking other motorists to be on the lookout for motorcyles. Fine. No one wants anyone to get hurt.
But motorcyclists must do their part as well. Stop making our commutes even more dangerous.

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