Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It's July, it's hot, no one can afford to go on vacation, road rage seems to be rising...
Discouraged yet?
I hope not. I hope everyone can think of at least a few things they like about summer, about their community, about their family ... you get the idea.
OK, I admit, many times it's easier just to feel angry and disappointed in far too many instances. Sometimes I'm able to catch myself when I'm doing this and think about what's great about this area. We have plenty of parks and trails; most people have jobs; friends are there to help you when you need it; your family never lets you down.
The summer means free concerts in area parks; picnics; growing some vegetables, even if it's just a tomato on a big plastic flower pot.
Fireworks, fireflies, campfires...
Gee, there are so many. Let's try to keep a few in mind, quell the road rage, and spread a little summer cheer.

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