Sunday, July 20, 2008

oh, it's OK to run red lights...

This is a horrible case, but just consider what the mom's viewpoint is.
It's probably the same as a lot of local drivers, considering how they drive.
Red light? I don't have to slow down.
Stop signs? Hey, no one stops for them anymore.
Speeding? Those posted speed limits are a joke.

So read this, consider what an example you are setting, and see if you agree with the mom:

From the Associated Press:

PHILADELPHIA - A teen whose MySpace page boasts of exploits with drugs, booze and fast cars is charged with striking two teachers, one fatally, after they watched their beloved St. Louis Cardinals play in Philadelphia.
The Missouri women, friends Cindy Grassi, 43, and Sandra Wacker, 36, traveled to a different ballpark each summer to watch the Cardinals play.
They were crossing the street after a July 10 afternoon game at Citizens Bank Park when 19-year-old Joseph Genovese Jr. ran a red light and struck them, police said.
Grassi died of her injuries two days later, while Wacker remained hospitalized Friday in critical condition. She suffered permanent injuries including possible paralysis on one side, a police investigator said.
"She will be OK, but she's going to have this trauma with her the rest of her life," said Sgt. Larry Ritchie of the Accident Investigation Division.
Genovese is jailed on charges upgraded to include vehicular homicide and homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence.
The teen's MySpace page brags of him driving just under 120 mph on Packer Avenue, a popular drag-racing strip blocks from the ballpark. He also writes of "BObBiN ND WeEzzZiN" in traffic and having a "NEeD 4 SPeEd????"
Police seized a computer from his bedroom on Wednesday, a day after Genovese was jailed on the charges.
"The mother thinks the whole thing is overkill," said Lt. Jim McCarrick, who served the search warrant. "She said he (Genovese) just ran a red light and got into a car accident."
Defense lawyer Louis Savino Jr. declined comment Friday on the Web postings and how they might affect the case, if at all. However, he said his client understands the gravity of the charges.

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