Friday, January 25, 2008

Different views

I've had the chance to talk to several of our readers in the last week, who've taken the time to call about one item or another.
I really appreciate when people feel they want to provide feedback and, yes, it's "easier" to take when it's positive. But realistically, that's not always the case.
However, I often find that, whether we agree on a certain point or not, you often start talking about what you may have in common, or what you've found out from each other that can open your eyes to another point of view or simply make you understand where the person is coming from.
You even end up agreeing on certain points in the end, or agreeing to disagree, but respecting the other's view.
That, I think, is the best outcome.
Listen, talk and realize that the other person may have a very valid point.
Case in point was a hunter I talked to today, upset about the story on the deer hunt protest.
But he came up with a good story idea for us, and the two of us realized that, although I certainly don't hunt and don't even eat meat, we share quite a few views.
If only more people could take a breath, listen and hold a conversation.
Just like the gentleman I spoke with today. It was a pleasure to hear the other side of the story.

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