Monday, January 7, 2008

farm show geek

OK, I'll admit it... I'm a Farm Show geek, or freak, or whatever you want to label me.
I used to LOVE going to the Pa. Farm Show -- it was a tradition for years, including staying there a few times when both I showed a heifer WAY back when I was in 4-H, and then when my daughter was a 4-H'er.
Those days are past, but heading out to the Farm Show was an annual ritual for years.
I was disappointed when they added the new part of the complex several years back and rearranged far too many things -- even though now it's "24 acres under roof" instead of the "14 acres under roof" that they would proudly, and repeatedly, announce during the various events.
So we haven't headed out to Harrisburg for a few years.
AHHH, but there IS PCN... thanks goodness! I can get my Farm Show fix simply by switching on Channel 78 this week -- something I've been doing quite often. And I know there will be reruns ... glorious reruns.
It's the one good thing about TV these days.
I know... pathetic. And not too many people may be thrilled to see draft horses pulling huge wagons, cows being judged or the sheep to shawl contest under way.
But I love it... there... I admit it.
The Farm Show rules!

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