Thursday, January 17, 2008

OH, NO... SNOW!!

Creeping along at a mighty 15 mph on my way home this evening, it hit me again. The moment a snowflake falls, people around here forget how to drive.
Yes, it was getting dark and yes, it was snowing.
But really, the roads were NOT bad. But everyone was going so slowly that it was bumper to bumper on every area roadway and you rarely hit 20 mph.
That only added to the problems of people trying to make it up slippery hills and the like.
If people would just drive at a safe speed, I think things would go much more smoothly.
But every year you can count on it.
What is usually about a 20-minute drive for me took more than an hour. I guess I should have been glad I got home that quickly, all things considered. But it's so frustrating to be crawling along when, really, there is no reason to panic!

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