Wednesday, September 26, 2007

share the road!

It wasn't bad enough that it was about 90 today, when it's supposed to be autumn and should be getting cooler.
But then it had to be Wednesday, the day that bicyclists in this area head out in packs -- literally -- on many of our back roads.
And the worst part is, they obviously think they own the roads.
I mean it.
Their riding habits are dangerous and illegal.
Forget about riding single file or even two abreast.
They cycle in packs, taking up the entire side of the road. They absolutely will NOT get over when traffic approaches. They continue to monopolize an entire lane of travel, riding four or five abreast.
Perhaps they haven't checked the state regulations for bicycle travel.
I've seen them go through red lights, ignore stops signs and never signal.
They'll glance around, see the LONG backup of cars behind them and still not obey the rules.
They are quick enough to scream, "Share the road!" at motorists, but never think of doing the same.
These people give all cyclists a bad name.
Not only can't I wait for colder weather, but even snow has its advantages. Most cyclists stay indoors.
Don't agree? Let me hear. But I'd love to know your rationalization for this behavior.
And I'd love to know why I never see police anywhere when these cyclists are out, defying the rules.

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Leannan Sith said...

I used to live in Conshohocken, on River Road, and the bicyclists there hazard at worst and a a nuisance at least.

They would block the road, endanger drivers by refusing to yield, and cruise through stops signs and red lights with immunity. Plus they would throw their water bottles and power bar wrappers every where.

I would also love to see the police enforce the "road rules for bicyclists"