Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11

So many memories come back on Sept. 11. Working the morning at the news desk of The Reporter, and with a TV always tuned into CNN, I found myself staring at the TV in horror as the planes crashed in the Twin Towers. Another editor was there as well, and it was completely surreal to see this occurring.
The first plane just had us thinking that it must have been some small aircraft gone horribly awry. Then the unthinkable happened as the second plane crashed into the towers. Then the news of the others.
Now, six years later, we must not forget those who were killed in that tragedy.
But we also must move forward and not dwell on endless commemorations, either.
Small, dignified remembrances, of course.
Huge, never-ending ceremonies seem cruel, in a way.
Somehow the human spirit has survived this ... remembering the past, but forging ahead, as well.

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