Sunday, September 23, 2007

first day of autumn

Finally, summer is officially ended. But, unfortunately, that doesn't mean that crisp, cool weather is here.
What is up with temps in the 80s this week? We've had PLENTY of that this past summer.
But I have to admit that today is beautiful... if only it were a bit cooler.
But the breeze is pleasant, the sky is so blue and, when you walk under our oak trees, you definitely can "smell" autumn in the air. The aroma is unmistakable.
One thing I don't enjoy these past few days is the tremendous effort on the part of stink bugs to sneak into the house... what is up with that? Any tiny crack and they're in.
I even had one fly in yesterday as I came through the door. Gross!
My cats can spot one from a mile away, so always immediately alert me to their presence.
Still, what was Mother Nature thinking?
Hope your autumn days are free of these nasty critters.

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