Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is it fall yet?

It's late Saturday and the day was just gorgeous... a real tease to the autumn still beyond our reach.
But is also was a day to give up some potted tomato plants that obviously had breathed their last and move a few plants to a more protected place on the deck.
Reports of temperatures dropping into the 40s were welcome to me, but the plants may have other comments.
It also was a day to enjoy the two fawns that frequent my fields ... but sadly, I wonder what happened to their mother.
There also are the cats that sometimes pay a visit to our backyard, looking for some food.
I already have way too many cats, so they can't become part of our household. But with cooler weather certainly approaching, I wonder where they make their permanent home.
I love autumn and can't wait for the drop in temperature.
But I also can't help but worry about the wildlife ... and not-quite-domestic ... creatures that are part of my world.

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