Wednesday, September 5, 2007

excuse me...

This is just a big thank you to the idiots who pulled out from Morwood Road onto Sumneytown Pike in Vernfield at shortly before 6:30 a.m. Wednesday -- cutting me off. You know who you are... you two super-intelligent guys in that white van with the ladder on top.
I'm driving along Sumneytown Pike, almost at Morwood Road, with my left-turn signal on. Big mistake. Just as I was ready to turn, they pull out in front of me.
I keep forgetting that when you're on a side road and someone is on the main road, you definitely have the right of way. I sure wish people would re-read the driver's manual about the laws in Pennsylvania. It's the same thing that happens all the time. I guess you just should NOT turn on your signal and simply turn.
Oh, wait; that's what most of the drivers around here do.
That... and go through red lights; and ignore stop signs; and refuse to turn on your lights when it's foggy or rainy or getting dark; and talk on cell phones while weaving all over the road; and...
Well, you get the idea.
And if you see yourself here, please clean up your act.
Or get off the road.

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