Monday, April 19, 2010

THIS is a punch buggy

OK, I know this is a stupid gripe, but it's really bugging me -- pun intended.
I can't stand these new Volkswagen commercials where everyone is saying "blue one" or "black one" and punching the person next to them as some unrecognizable model of a VW is going by.
The punch buggy game is to be played ONLY when you see a VW Beetle pass by. THAT is a "punch buggy."
Having been the proud co-owner of two Beetles during my lifetime, much to my dad's dismay, I know how great they can be. But those were the real Beetles, back in the day.
These new "punch" commercials as minivans and every other imaginable Volkswagen drives by are simply irritating. They are not "bugs"; they are not punch buggies.
Hope other Beetle fans feel the same.

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