Thursday, April 15, 2010

are you stressed?

Hey, now that Tax Day is behind us, guess what today is?
It's National Stress Awareness Day -- yes, another one of those days that no one knows about.
And really, the promotions sent out about this day reveal nothing new.
Consider these crazy facts from a recent survey:
Nine in 10 doctors say relaxation is important to reduce stress.
Ninety-six percent of these doctors say sitting at home in a reclining position promotes relaxation.
Doctors recommend an hour of relaxation each day, plus other healthy behaviors, to relieve stress.
WOW -- who knew?
Of course, this particular press release was released by La-Z-Boy -- you know, that recliner manufacturer. And they commissioned the survey of the doctors.
OK, so it's a bit, shall we say, biased.
But not many of us will disagree that we sure could use a lot more relaxation.
At least this Stress Awareness Day is a Friday... the weekend's almost here!

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