Wednesday, April 21, 2010

got a gripe?

You know that pothole you love to hate? Or maybe it's a traffic signal that's just not timed correctly.
Now The Reporter can help you get them fixed.
The Reporter and our parent, Journal Register Co., have a partnership with that will give you the power to report issues in our communities to the appropriate authorities.
This is a real example of "citizen journalism" and we hope you'll participate.
You can find the seeclickfix widget at the top of our home page at It’s also found on the left side of the home page, just below the featured story box.
Here you can identify and report problems on an interactive map. You also can monitor the progress of reports. Once you “click it,” you’ll be guided through the steps of reporting a problem.
Here are a few examples already listed by our readers:
LANSDALE: “Due to the numerous traffic detours in the area as well as the train, Hancock Street (toward Broad Street) gets backed up every day in Lansdale. The green light should be longer at the intersection of Hancock and Broad so more people from Hancock can get through that intersection. Other drivers are trying to turn into the businesses right near the intersection, and the whole place is a mess.
NORTH WALES: “School Street is a mess. They did some work digging up the road but never paved over correctly.”
So join in the conversation and we'll alert our area municipalities that this is now in operation -- and follow up to see what is being done. Check out

Happy clicking!

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