Friday, April 9, 2010

proof that life's not fair...

Just in case you were wondering, no, life isn't fair.
Proof? The announcement that, just when you might have thought it was safe to watch TLC again (if you avoided the Palin/Alaska show) comes this news:
Kate Gosselin is coming back.
With not just one show, but two.
The oh-so-talented dancer will be featured on a series that profiles everyday women facing personal challenges.
I'm sorry; no self-respecting woman should want to be on the same show as she is.
But yes, "Twist of Kate" (or should that be "Twisted Kate"?) will follow this diva as she visits the homes and workplaces of her subjects (well, she IS royal, right?). There, according to an AP report, she will "exchange insights for living."
You will have to wait for late summer for this 12-episode season, TLC said.
But don't fret -- she will have a series starting in June dubbed "Kate Plus 8," with her brood.
In other Kate news, her ex-husband Jon is suing her for primary custody of their eight kids, saying her appearance on "Dancing With the Stars" has led her to neglect her kids.
Yes, but he's been an attentive parent.
These kids deserve real parents. Jon and Kate? They deserve each other.

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