Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please seek help

In this Associated Press photo, a dying horse is comforted.

We all know these are tough economic times. And we've all heard stories about people abandoning their pets when they can no longer afford them, instead of turning them over to the SPCA or other rescue group.
Please, if you run into problems, seek help.
Don't let these poor souls, who have done nothing to deserve this fate, starve to death.
Consider this report from the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON, Pa. — Humane officials say they have found several frozen horse carcasses and more than two dozen starving horses on a western Pennsylvania farm.

Washington Area Humane Society Officer Matt Walsh says the farm's owner faces numerous animal cruelty charges. Authorities haven't identified the South Franklin farm owner, who they say abandoned the farm about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh.

Walsh says officers have obtained a court warrant to take possession of 29 horses after getting several calls about their condition.

Authorities were trying to gather hay to feed the horses on Wednesday.

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