Thursday, February 26, 2009

No bridging the gaps

Upper Salford Township used to be an extremely rural township; I know, because I grew up there. When we moved there when I was 4, there were only three homes on my road and in the winter, the kids in the area would sled on the road, starting at the top of the hill where the general store stood and, if we were lucky, we could make it nearly to the Bechtel farm. We didn't have to worry about traffic -- it was basically nonexistent.
That's far from the case today. Trying to get out onto Old Skippack Pike -- oops, someone somewhere along the line renamed it to Old Skippack Road -- can be a challenge; forget about trying to get onto Sumneytown Pike unless you go to the one traffic light in the township.
But some things haven't changed -- no local police, no trash service, no public sewer or water.
And, as of late, fewer and fewer bridges.
I can understand why people are upset about this -- and cannot understand why no one will give in, cooperate and replace the bridge next to the township building.
People are upset and it's more than just an inconvenience. It's a safety issue.
Will their resolve change anything?
One can only hope.

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