Monday, February 9, 2009

Calling CSI...

or Jay Leno, or Keith Olbermann...

You gotta love stories like this. And I hope that someone picks this story to give it some national fame -- of the "dumb burglar" ilk, that is.
This guy obviously is not up on all of the strides made in crime scene investigation.
He probably just figured he was adding insult to injury by, well, defecating at the crime scene.
Seems the joke's on him!
Yes, gotta love it:

Note... the story was written by Keith Phucas, who writes for our "sister" paper, The Times Herald...
NORRISTOWN — A Norristown man was arrested for burglary after a biological analysis of feces left at a crime scene matched his DNA.
David Green, 39, has pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced to 15 months to four years in prison and two years’ probation by Montgomery County Judge Thomas M. Del Ricci.
Green was implicated by burglary suspect Stephan Bates, who told Norristown police in October 2007 that Green had broken into a house on Haws Avenue a month earlier, and during the burglary, he defecated on the stairs.
Bates said the defendant admitted three other burglaries at the time.
A month after the Haws Avenue break-in, investigators found human waste inside another Norristown residence reportedly burglarized.
During the Haws Avenue break-in, the resident was asleep when Green got into her home through a kitchen window around 12:45 a.m. on Sept. 6, 2007, an affidavit states. The man went through her purse and took $155. While inside, Green ate cookies in the kitchen.
A Locust Street man filed a police report on Oct. 11, 2007, after his home was broken into while his family slept. The thief stole cash and a digital camera.
During the break-in, the resident and his daughter heard a thud on the home’s first floor around 1:30 a.m., but they didn’t get up to investigate. Then at 3:15 a.m., the daughter reportedly heard her dog “crying” and went downstairs.
On the first floor, she discovered a rear window and a door were open and a window screen was missing.
When the family was awakened, they looked around the house and found the intruder had strewn the contents of several of their purses on the kitchen counter and taken the cash.
The family also discovered the intruder had defecated in their downstairs bathroom, leaving discarded toilet paper in the trashcan that was smeared with feces, according to court records.
The human waste was collected and sent off to National Medical Services.
Two weeks later, Green was interviewed by Norristown police and gave a sample of his DNA. As well, DNA samples were taken from family members living at the Locust Street home and sent to the lab.
In March 2008, a forensic biology lab report revealed that Green was the person who had left the fecal matter inside the Locust Street house, and he was arrested, according to the criminal complaint.
Bates, who had been a fugitive for months last year, was captured at his girlfriend’s Cherry Street residence and arrested. Police believe he committed as many as 20 residential burglaries in Norristown in the past two years.

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