Monday, August 18, 2008

Philadelphia Folk Fest... or, sounds of silence

I don't watch much, if any, "reality" TV, but I catch glimpses of it on one of my favorite shows, "The Soup," which features and derides clips from all sorts of shows. One clip they've shown a lot is from some reality show... and of course that term has nothing to do with reality ... where a woman who is peeved at her other housemates is up early in the morning banging pans together and screaming at them.
Apparently they kept her up the night before, and this is her revenge.
I was contemplating doing the same thing both Sunday and Monday morning, thanks to the Philadelphia Folk Festival.
And I'm wondering, should I blame the little fella pictured here?
Just kidding on that, but not about the drums he's playing.
The actual music performed at the folk fest DOES have an ending hour, regulated by the township.
But it's time to crack down on whatever the heck is going on there after hours.
Living close to the site has it ups and downs: The volunteers directing traffic act like they're actual police and that you, a dreaded "local," have no idea where you are going -- or a right to go there -- if you're anywhere near the festival.
And some of the fest-goers may act like they own the area for several days, but in reality have no clue where they are. Hint: one-lane bridge means just that.
They don't seem to mind shopping at local stores, though, despite what some of their attire says about the "locals."
Anyway, it's pleasant to sit out in the evening and listen to the music.
What is NOT pleasant is the night-long drum playing, screaming, hootin' and hollering', random trumpet-like blasts and general disturbances that just never stop.
For example, when I finally gave up and got out of bed at 4:15 this morning, the drumming was still going on.
I don't mind, really, anything else, but being a loud nuisance all night long shows absolutely no respect for anyone who lives in the area and actually has to get up and go to work.
Upper Salford needs to address this; the folk festival organizers need to address this.
Fun, music, dancing, catching up with old friends ... nothing wrong with any of it.
But how about giving us a break by, say, 1 a.m.?
Doesn't seem like too much to ask for.


Anonymous said...

Earplugs cut out the sound of the drums entirely.
Drumming is the primal folk music.
Maybe you could go relax at the beach for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Nona- my sympathies are with you. Another great event, often made difficult by folks who can't follow simple rules of civility. It makes you wonder about their true position on "peace". Rest assure that you probably will receive no help from the municipality enforcing noise/disturbance ordinances with a crowd this size. That crowd brings their money to town and where there is a buck to be made-laws get ignored and elected folks play helpless. d