Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sick yet?

Wow, spring may be looming, but the past few weeks have been the roughest of the winter around here, it seems, as far as illness goes.
Many people who made it through the coldest parts of the winter without a sneeze have been felled by various ills the past week or so... and now many of us are trying our best not to be the next victims.
It's amazing how many remedies spring to mind when you feel that scratchy throat, feel the sneezes coming on and that tickle in the throat turns into a real cough.
I always turn to grapefruit juice for a sore throat, in addition to gargling with salt water.
And for the cough and congestion, Vicks is still the number one pick. Rub it on your throat, your chest, your sinus area.
Now people are recommending rubbing it on the bottom of your feet and then pulling on socks at night if your cough is bad.
I did try it last week and it seemed to work -- psychological or not, if it brings a bit of relief, bring it on.
Wonder what other people find a tried and true remedy?

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Anonymous said...

Vick's cures everything. My mother in law swears by it. It's been a favority remedy in our family for years.