Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is this the same store?

That's what I ask myself every time I see this commercial for what is basically the only game in town these days in many places if you need to shop for the basics in life... some of these stores are "super"; some have grocery stores, pharmacies, optometrists -- you name it. And of course they are constantly rolling back prices.
The commercial I LOVE, though, is the one where they claim that they are doing more at night -- stocking shelves and the like -- so they can have more cash registers open during the day and more people to serve you.
Ummm, right. Apparently the store near my house hasn't gotten the word.
Just this past Saturday, I could barely get through many of the aisles because skids of new stock were just left sitting there. Some aisles I had to bypass completely, because a cart would not fit past it.
And as far as more cash registers open... another laugh. We all know the long lines we're forced to stand in, with one or two registers open while staff stands around chatting and ignoring you.
Unless, of course, you want to battle those oh-so-customer-friendly self checkouts.
How about spending less on these commercials, hire more people, pay them more and really live up to these promises????

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