Monday, October 1, 2007

drivers can be a menace

OK, since I recently complained about bicyclists, I have to give equal time to motorists.
Today on my way home from work, heading up Allentown Road nearing Inglewood Elementary, I witnessed one of THE stupidest, most obnoxious, most arrogant drivers.
The traffic light turned green, and a woman headed toward Lansdale was waiting to turn left at that light. A man behind apparently was in more of a rush, so he went around her on the right, then pulled in front of her out in the intersection. As I passed by her, the look of horror on her face was apparent.
As I glanced in my rear-view mirror, sure enough, he was making his left turn, while she had to wait behind him.
What is wrong with people? I've seen some rude drivers, but this takes the cake!
I would ask this guy to respond to this post, but doubt if he can read.

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yoo... luv this post!