Monday, October 8, 2007

heat wave

Wouldn't it be great if "Heat Wave" were only a song title ... and not a description of what we've been suffering through? They say it's almost over... we can only hope.
It's been that much more miserable for me because of a nasty cold... or something ... that I've been plagued with for more than a week now. First the sore throat and fever, aches, runny nose, now the coughing... and just exhausted.
I keep hoping that it's almost through with me, but I fear others in the office are starting to feel the effects.
It's the old saga ... there's too much work to do to stay home, but you feel like heck.
And then, eventually, everyone else seems to catch it.
All of this has been compounded during the past week plus by the fact that several of my cats ALSO have been getting ill.
I can't even remember how many times I've found myself at the vet's office in the past few weeks. I may as well be on staff!
But I'm hoping the end is in sight -- of my illness, of my cats' illnesses and this HOT weather!!
What happened to autumn?

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