Thursday, October 28, 2010

Harrisburg... worth the trip

ArtHouse Lounge in Harrisburg

I have to admit, Harrisburg was never exactly at the top of my "must tour" list. And I also have to admit that I still haven't seen a lot of it -- unless you count many, many trips to the Farm Show.
But during my time off last week... after that infamous trip to Shippensburg (see earlier blog post) ... I visited with that great friend who hosted us at his Cape Cod home this summer. Yes, that's his summer home; the rest of the year he lives just outside Harrisburg.
So after Ship, we stopped in for a visit and he treated us to an evening in the 'burg... a lovely walk along the river, a visit to an art show opening, a stop at another gallery called the ArtHouse Lounge, great food at a terrific place called Carley's and a truly dangerous stop at a huge used bookstore -- dangerous only because of how many books we already own.
But it was a great evening and I was pleasantly surprised at how lively and appealing Harrisburg turned out to be.
Definitely worth a return visit!

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