Monday, October 4, 2010

Cancer: Tell us about it

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it's also the time when The Reporter publishes a special section on those both fighting and surviving cancer.
We are dedicating this section to people who have fought all types of cancer. We know some of the stories may not have ended happily, but the fight is no less important.
So we hope you will be willing to share your stories about battling and/or surviving cancer, and also allowing your photos to be taken.
You can share stories about yourself, a family member or a friend.
Please send your stories to with the words “cancer story” in the subject line, by Oct. 8, or mail to Nona Breaux, The Reporter, 307 Derstine Ave., Lansdale PA 19446.
Please share you stories so that others will know they are not alone in this courageous fight.

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Anonymous said...

November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. I wonder if it will get the press that Breast Cancer has gotten. I think it is wonderful that its receives so much attention, it has accomplished a great deal. I wonder if the general public will recognize that the color for lung cancer is pearl and there will be a multitude of people wearing pearls for the cause.Lung cancer does not have a early detection test as of yet, which the statics will bear out more people die from lung cancer than Breast, Prostate and Colon combined. Only 15% will survive for 5 years. Every cancer is important especially to those battling it.I pray that the support and eduction and research for lung cancer can be benefited by November's Lung Cancer's awareness. Unfortunately, we don't have screening test like a mammogram or PSA or colonscopy for Lung Cancer. We also need the early detection key to improve survival.
Having been in this war of many battles for close to 3 years with Lung Cancer which was found incidentally from attack of appendicitis. Smokers or ex-smokers are not the only ones dieing from lung cancer. In fact, it effects more people that never smoked. Pearls are in for November men, women and children