Friday, November 28, 2008


With all apologies to cattle, I have to say, the photos on the news this morning -- infamous Black Friday -- reminded me of those stampedes in old cowboy movies.
Especially in one instance, when people were storming the doors of a Wal-Mart -- yes, a Wal-Mart -- in hopes of grabbing those GREAT values being offered.
People were knocking other people over, smashing into them with their carts and pushing people aside, just to get into the store in front of a few more people.
Can there be ANYTHING in a store that's worth all this?
At other stores, people had camped out all night in the bitter cold to be the first in line.
Some stores were "smart" and opened at midnight.
What is this madness???
I've never been able to understand all this and have never braved Black Friday shopping for these reasons.
For those of you who did, I hope it was worth it!

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