Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sweet snow!

Ahh, snow. It was easy to appreciate the beauty of it today, since it politely arrived on a Friday night when I did NOT have to work on Saturday.
Gorgeous, smoothing out the dirty wrinkles of winter.
So of course I had to pull on those snow boots and crunch around the yard. 

 The view out back to my field behind the yard. The remnants of last year's corn sleep now...

 And I love the pines out behind the house...

But even the "sleeping" non-evergreens are beautiful in the snow...

Yep, it was a heavy snow. I had to knock all this snow off so this little cedar could stand up again. 

Othercat is happy outside in  all seasons. He has TWO very warm houses in which to winter.  Later he was making "snow cats" by rolling around in the snow.

Hope you were able to meander in the snow today! Oh, and Mother Nature, it's just fine if you want to move quickly to spring now. 

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