Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's Farm Show time!

It's January, so that means it is Pennsylvania Farm Show time! And I love it!
So we headed out to Harrisburg on Saturday to take in the 99th annual event -- as did about a million other people. But it was absolutely worth the trip.

The first stop was the food court, which features all Pennsylvania-made goodies. And even though it wasn't even 8 a.m. yet, I had to have some chocolate-honey ice cream, with raspberry honey drizzled on top.


Of course the Farm Show is a lot more than food, so here are a few photos of what we saw. I certainly couldn't include everything -- take that as a nudge to head out there this week.

How about a 300-plus-pound pumpkin, shown above, or a "peanut" pumpkin, shown below?

The butter sculpture always is amazing, and this year was no exception...

There are plenty of fowl attractions at the Farm Show….

Delaware Valley College of Doylestown was there, as usual.

And longhorns were a big attraction...

Got a beef? The Farm Show has a seemingly endless supply…

Loved the State Police drill team in the large arena.

This goat was sitting down on the job, while the sheep looked a bit like people ready to work out while wearing leg warmers and spandex outfits...

Who says pigs aren't cute?

Need a few pieces of small machinery? There is a huge hall filled with this stuff!

More food!!

You can catch the 99th annual Pennsylvania Farm Show until Saturday. And if you can't get out there, be sure to tune into PCN (channel 186 on Comcast), which is covering the event all week.
Can't wait to see the 100th annual show!

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