Monday, July 28, 2014

On the mend!!

I am happy to report that Domino is well on his way to a full recovery! Here he is lazing on my bed, no longer ill and feverish...

His checkup at the end of last week showed that his gaping wound from the abscess (trust me, you don't want to see those pictures) is healing quite nicely.

He was a trooper while getting another antibiotic injection and having some more blood drawn, but for the time being at least, he is off insulin. The remission may be temporary, but my fingers are crossed until his next checkup in a week or so.

He's a bit anemic, but that's being chalked up to the ordeal he's been through.
Yes, he's doing well -- although I think he's milking this for all it's worth.
Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers! It was rough going at the outset, but great vet care and his strong spirit has pulled him through!

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Martha Miller Kasper said...

Glad to hear the good news. I have been thinking about him!