Sunday, May 26, 2013

What's good for the goose...

I love this goose...
Every year my daughter and I watch for him ... or her ... to return to a field on Shelly Road in Upper Salford. It brightens our days and lightens our hearts to see this fowl friend.
Why, you ask? Because every year this intrepid goose arrives for the spring, summer and fall with a flock of Canada geese. And it just cheers me so each year to see that, once again, he (or she) is still part of the flock.

Beautiful, right? And the bird seems so cheerful, just a part of a great family that has accepted this grand goose into the fold, no questions asked. I hope you catch a glimpse of this flock during the summer and enjoy the view as much as we do.
Here are a few more photos, courtesy of my daughter.

I know one sad day this goose no doubt will be gone. But he ... or she ... will never be forgotten!

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