Monday, May 27, 2013

A day to honor...

It's Memorial Day, the unofficial start to the summer season.
Yes, it's a day when people are at the mountains or down the shore.
Some may be braving that first day at the pool.
And there's bound to be lots of picnics and barbecues ... eat, eat eat.
And of course stores have been touting their holiday sales for weeks now.
There's nothing wrong with any of this, but Memorial Day is much more than a day to kick back, party or shop.
It is a day to remember and honor those who gave their lives in service to our country.
It doesn't matter what your politics are, how you may feel about some of the actions of the United States or if you like the current president or not.
This is a day to salute all who were willing to serve and die so that our freedoms would not perish.
We may complain about aspects of our government or country, but remember that we are lucky to have the right to complain. We can vote, we can change things if we are dedicated -- so many people around the world don't have our freedoms.
So at the very least, take a few moments to remember all of the men and women who died so that we can live in freedom. We owe so much to them.
AND please be sure to check out Mom on Caffeine's blog, which features letters from her brother, Robin, who was killed in Vietnam. He was just a local teen when he served his country and made the ultimate sacrifice, and you can't help but be moved by Martha's salute to her brother who died so many years ago.
Thank you, Robin, and your brothers and sisters in arms.
We can never repay you for your sacrifice, but you are not forgotten.

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